Saturday, December 29, 2007

I know I should be working on the comic...but I'm tired of black and white and ugly things.. ;0; I was meant to draw beautiful things. I'm so superficial.But srsly. Doodles. And I'm back to work.

I draw characters facing the same way alot. It seems to be that I favor facing the left side! I need to work on that. I watched superbad with sarah today--it was...long. XD I wonder if guys really talk to eachother like that--it's so crude. But admittedly funny in parts. And I thought I was a perv. I miss reading, what little I did. T__T I needs fuels for my peanut brains. Final Fantasy is an alright replacement for now. But I think I'll be done soon! AHAHAHA<
New year's is almost here.
Page count: 12/20 so far..;0; 8 left...
I'm inking 13!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

because deer hats are teh smex...

Happy Christmas eve guys! :D
Of course, the sketchblog is dead as expected. I've been caught in the tumultuous world of comic deadlines for this break...but there's still some kind of masochistic pleasure in finishing a page completely and being able to admire its many mistakes. Even though my family is buddhist, I do like to help out the economy by putting some small change into the market--books, books, books, cd's, and random stuff here and there for family and friends. I was totally planning to send out xmas cards...but of course, that didn't happen--LOL>
Another, year. Another christmas...this year seemed to be three separate years to me. I have never felt this drained before in my life--I think burnout from summer op is really getting to me now; I never want to go back to class!
Anyway, I should get back to inking, but, for the record:
And. I TOTALLY STILL KEEP UP WITH YO' LJ B.'s my friend Sarah's character, Daniel (COW>>AHAHAHHAHAHA). the first in my cheap line of xmas gifts. XD