Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I see foamcore in my sleep...Or lack thereof.

Mmm...I just finished my second foamcore-shape prototype. And I feel like my eyes are about to pop out of my head from staring at 2-D blankness.

I actually took pictures! This is after my first sleepless night--FOAMCORE CITY MANS. AFter that, Chris told us to imagine an object (preferably hand-held) that we could turn our shapes into. I visualized a...
HAIR DRYER (less-sleep night). I know, I'm the most exciting person on earth. But I thought it was pretty cool at like 3 in the morning yesterday night. >,>;; This was the crappy one with the shitty shapes that I made. It was AUSAM. *dies of laughter*
And finally, my finished "model" in the front (crappy one hidden behind it). Remember when I was gloating on the phone that we didn't have to do orthos? Well, yeah. Of course, I opened my fat mouth, and consequently, we had to do them. I'm just magical. I think we might actually have to make the thing that we chose out of foamcore as a look-alike next. Buddah, save me. I swear, this is why they made wallace 2-floors, so we can't jump and kill ourselves; But then of course, sticking a bunch of tired, pissed off students in a room with a bunch of exacto knives doesn't really help either...

Because I can't sleep, I browsed online, and at the urge of many fanfic blogs, read the latest chapter of Naruto (manga) despite missing the last hundred. XD

It. Was. WORTH IT. A PIVITOL MOMENT. NO B.S. THIS TIME KISHIMOTO. I don't know if it's just me, but his drawing has totally fallen into disrepair. It's quite tragic reading and feeling jipped compared to his earlier work (I CHECKED, it wasn't just my idoltry of him, because I still totally worship him). But, regardless, it was still a moment I've been waiting for; I'm just going to follow this particular part and then quit again. Haha.

Other things I did today...I finished the design history poster (a really crappy poster; we have a set format where pictures are all crammed on one side and text on the other; numbered, in a column--FUGLY). I was lucky enough to be in a group with a bunch of cool guys, which meant that I got to research the awesome breech-loading rifle (sarcasm; no offense meant). It was actually pretty sweet to learn about some of the history of guns though; even though I would much rather die by other means.

Augh, this was so rambly. I blame lack of sleeps mans. I'm now going to float away on the Rufus Wainwright boat of dreams and hope that I can get up in time for class.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yeah, we're screwed.
Scroll down. And see the beautiful snippit of RSOM entry.
Yeah, I fail at action scenes.
I am trying really hard not to think pessimistically, but hell, I'm really thinking pessimistically right about now. ;0;

Monday, January 14, 2008

Tats and rants

So, I just booked a hotel room. And all of the moneys I made at AUSAM just went down the drain! Hopefully I can get a table too so it'll be worth it. >,>

Anyways, we've been working on tats in class that are supposed to represent who we are, and be something that we wouldn't mind being permanent, something that we wouldn't regret getting; so it has to be really true to who we are, and not what are are in the present. My choice in tats didn't do so well with the permanence area, I think..I'm not so much an iconic artist like most tattoo artists are, and I don't have the controlled style for tattoo art. If anything, my tattoos ended up looking like graffitti. AUGH.

Hmm...most of them seem self-explanitory if not extremely shallow. XD The one I liked in particular was #2, which represented my mental intestines (my thought processes, I guess). Through it all, it still has to come out one way! LOL. Okay, I know I'm juvenile and gross. Give me a break. Ah, the bar codes made my teacher laugh. Because asians are reproducing like bunnies on the other side of the world, I thought that the bar codes represented that well (generic serial numbers, etc.) But instead of a serial number at the bottom, I was "made in U.S.A.". Very hit-man, and not very original.


I think this was by far the thing that made me love AUSAM the most.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

AUSAM-CON: all of the awesome without the con XD

AUSAM? I think it was a success. The staff was friendly, the VIP room gorgeous and relaxing, the everlasting cooler of ramune and soft drinks, beautiful, and the karaoke session at the end? Let's just say, I definitely felt "the TOUCH." lulz. (ref. to an 80's song..) So, as I mull with my steaming cup of cough tonic trying to sort throughout the profits of the day, I've gotta say it was a good day. So here are some pics I got from it:
This was my favorite cosplay of the day. I am totally obsessed with FFIII right REFIA BABY. She is totally my magus right now and she kicks some major zombie butt.
This is Robyn, who I hung out with basically all morning. She's really cool, and a fellow y-girl, lol. So it was fun spazzing out about Sasuke and all that good stuff:

Annnddd, this is Jer, super writer of comics. SEE ALL OF THOSE COMICS? Yeah, he wrote for ALL of them. DAMN.

And this is Amy! She was the sweetest thing ever, and actually put effort into making cute candy bags with cards attached. YUMMY. Her fancels rock the house too. There was one artist table that I didn't get to photograph. But I got a really awesome art trade! They wre super cool; "June Five" writes music, and Staph draws comics. They had a great sense of humor, and it was great to have done a trade.

I hope AUSAM con is going to be a reoccuring event! It was nice having a con AT HOME and with such friendly people. <3>

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Card meh.

Whoopa. I'm actually working for once.

I'm really excited about the projects that we are being assigned so far this semester. One particular one is about tattoos, where we basically develop our own design identity. Chris A. (my teach) encouraged us to go out and explore the "real world" of tattoos. So, spurred by his enthusiasm, I went and interviewed Nathan at the Voodoo Needle. I was a little intimidated at first, but he was really an awesome guy (with cool tats to boot).

With AUSAM coming up, I'm feeling a little bit apprehensive. I don't have any new prints since AWA, and I can't sell any y-stuff, which was the majority of our profit. Not that I'm expecting any profit from this anyway. So I'm really questioning why I'm going. XD I guess I'll see how the homework is on Sat. So, here are the new business cards for this year. I think they look spiffier than last year (mainly the positioninng, I think...And the lack of spoon-to-mouth-stuffing).

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Dude, I love doing finished drawings 'cause I can double-post on dA and blogger. What a lazy bum.
I've been doodling like crazy to try to get a new print before AUSAM (auburn's first "convention" which is more like a regular gathering of the anime society but with alot more anime playing in more rooms at foy) but failing like crazy. >,>;; Nothing's really a coherent "peice" like I used to do anymore.
I only have three classes this semester, all of which seem rather daunting because I've never really touched anything of them before.
a) Anthropometry--the teacher is actually a taiwanese lady, who's really sweet. But her class intimidates me because I know she knows my parents, which really puts me in a hard place to perform well in the class. >,>;;
b) History of Design--this class, by the first day, has already bored me shitless. But I hope it'll get better once we dive into the material.
c) 3-D design, which I haven't taken yet, but am excited to have my good buddy Chris Arnold as a teacher for. :D Poor Chris.
Anyway, This is a product of boredom from my lovely Design history class. It even has a charming little story (which has extremely simple language) to go along with it.
So once, there was a tree. And it held in its branches, the universe. It sat in this white room, a room without walls, simple blankness. The tree was massive, with branches the size of elephants, so big that even the tinest twig could crush a couple humans by simply falling. But as time passed, the tree began to shrink in size; the once-strong branches shriveling into just a skeleton of what it used to be. And the tree knew, its time was coming; it could no longer bear the weight of this grand thing that leeched away it's life. So, it sent out its seeds, tiny but determined, into the vast space of the orb, searching for a being that could feed the universe and keep it alive.Lo and behold, the seed landed in the heart of a human. But by the time the seed had led the girl out of the orb, the tree had already crumpled; its spirit long gone into the white nihility. Stricken with grief, the seed burrowed itself deep into the woman's heart where it began to sprout. It ate away at the arteries, the soft organic mass that composed her lovely mortal part until it became large enough to bear the burden of the orb. And slowly, the girl and the tree become one; a brutal but necessary parasitism.