Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Two times in one day. Beat that yo. I actually sat down at my desk and sketched, something I haven't done in a while. I need to go back and revive some old comics that I did with my friend to start working on before work starts kicking up again. Anyway, I just wanted to post a sketch I did (the stupid lamp killed it though..aGUAGHSH).

I feel really inspired/motivated, but so tired at the same time..LOL. I love surfing around blogspot just linking and linking..it feels like I'm actually finding stuff that really gets my mind ticking. Sadly, this really doesn't have that much to do with ID yet...but hopefully it will eventually!! XD I just have to get there. I can't wait until Sarah comes back so we can kick off for RSoM.

On a sad note, Donna noted me and said she couldn't come visit this winter break. Oh woes. I'm excited to spend a whole assload of time with my family though...even though I see them every week I still don't get to do much with them, which makes me feel really bad. XD And it'll be my mum's bday in no time...>,>;; Dunno what to get...


Jeez, I feel so tired. I ran around today after class and got two commissions sent out, went shopping (groceries) and made banana bread. I just finished emailing Jarrod and the rest of the crew on the sketchblog, which I daresay I have high hopes for! No one's joined yet though...*hopes diminish quickly*. Will's awesome and has created a blog already but I dunno if he's gonna get the group email anytime soon...>,>;; I hope so!

Anyway, this is the completed Mello commission I did for Mihael, daughter of Antonia It was done in painter 9.0, with tablet (mainly the dull conte and cover pencil at work here). I need to remember to encourage everyone to get a tablet next to the SLR's we should be thinking of for X-mas.

I've actually had the luxury of having a bit of reading time lately, and I'm slowly crawling through the pages of "The Everlasting" by Jamie S. Rich, who is an awesome writer. I really need to explore the references to makes to the mod culture that Lance thrives on...it sounds really fascinating.
Also...for all you girls out there who pass by this blog and want to do something eco-friendly every time of the month, check out Lunapads . Pretty awesome.

Monday, October 22, 2007

First Post

Alright, so this is basically the post I make for me that no one else is really going to read once its buried beneath the foibles that will litter this page.
Chris talked to us about getting a blog today, and a blog I did get! Though what to put on here I really don't know..XD I guess I'll just post some stuff I noticed recently that was pretty cool; either that, or I'll post some sketches that I'm doing for IDD class. I think I'll start a series of blogs where I'll do this...Probably one for my comic/CA sketching, one for ID, and one for just organizing myself..I think this might be the one where I organize myself. As we can see here.
So, today, is Monday October 22, 2007.
I have a small squandering of stuff to do...Just got done talking with chii on IM, and so now I'm off to do some ID homework! :D

Things to Do this week:
+Improve tiles somehow (Due: Next MONDAY)
+Display page for tiles (Due: Next WEDNESDAY)
-thumbnails for the page layout
-take piccies for page layout
+Redesign for Streamline (Due: TOMORROW)
+Paper for tiles (Due: This WEDNESDAY)
+Start sketchblog and keep up IDD blog
+Post on LJ
+Work on Commissions