Saturday, March 1, 2008

That Recycled Dream

Emotional doesn't necessarily qualify as emo, right?
This week was supposed to be a busy week. It was supposed to be a fine week.
What I didn't expect was Jarrod walking up to me and class, and telling me, "Oh, Christine, I took those recommendation papers you gave me, and I recycled them. Hopefully..."
The rest just kind of died off.

Of all of the emotional breakdowns I've had through high school, I have never had one this deafening before. When I look back now, it makes me wonder what made me crack exactly. It was a simple, positive thing. He had recycled trash papers, basically.

But I couldn't stop the chain of events that occurred from then on. I stepped out of the classroom twice, and each time, I stopped the flow of emotions. I think...It might be mental conditioning, but it's become so easy. I know it's my choice. That stops it all. But when a classmate asked me what was wrong, everything just broke.

I wanted so hard to stop it, because rationally, my brain knew this was the stupidest thing anybody could do. Why the hell would you cry over something that didn't even matter anymore? I ended up disrupting most of the class (luckily, Chris was just doing his usual personal consultation on each individual's project, so it wasn't a lecture or anything...everyone was kind of roaming). Chris offered to let me go to his office, but two of my friends (most awesome girls ever, really) took me out of the room and out to a coffee shop instead. What exactly was said, I can barely remember. Wordbarf just came out of my mouth, and it kept coming.

Why the hell is everything I type EMO? I'm stopping. I'm sorry you hear the same shit over and over again. I'm not going to delete this though. I want to remember this. I need to remember this point in my life.

More relevant information...I'm working on a model for Anthro class--we have to design our own workspace. I got to use the laser-cutter on these, and so that's why they look so nice! Then I stole pictures from deviantart to decorate my "walls", and googled images to paste on (e.g. the computer screen and tablet, etc). I think my favorite part was "upholstering" the chair with felt. Yummy. Shockingly, this took me all freakin' day. ;0; Now, I must go do my PowerPoint presentation. Another sleepless night in Auburn. LOL.