Monday, January 14, 2008

Tats and rants

So, I just booked a hotel room. And all of the moneys I made at AUSAM just went down the drain! Hopefully I can get a table too so it'll be worth it. >,>

Anyways, we've been working on tats in class that are supposed to represent who we are, and be something that we wouldn't mind being permanent, something that we wouldn't regret getting; so it has to be really true to who we are, and not what are are in the present. My choice in tats didn't do so well with the permanence area, I think..I'm not so much an iconic artist like most tattoo artists are, and I don't have the controlled style for tattoo art. If anything, my tattoos ended up looking like graffitti. AUGH.

Hmm...most of them seem self-explanitory if not extremely shallow. XD The one I liked in particular was #2, which represented my mental intestines (my thought processes, I guess). Through it all, it still has to come out one way! LOL. Okay, I know I'm juvenile and gross. Give me a break. Ah, the bar codes made my teacher laugh. Because asians are reproducing like bunnies on the other side of the world, I thought that the bar codes represented that well (generic serial numbers, etc.) But instead of a serial number at the bottom, I was "made in U.S.A.". Very hit-man, and not very original.


I think this was by far the thing that made me love AUSAM the most.


Sarah A said...

haha they're really cool looking but not tattooish really.

that's sad about the drawing thing. ;u; work it up girl! find the joy in the mundane and simple in life!

sujen said...

I don't know if it's just my mentality or my dad starting to get to me after all of these years..haha. I certainly hope I can pick up.

And..on the tats..YEAH> totally NOT tattoo-ish. XD
I hope I can find some way to fix that...

AppleJelly said...

hmmm. It does not look tatooish- but hell with it. Tattoos are meant to be on a body therefore, the bold and curvy designs. but I like your tatoos better than most.. (i despise chinese characters! I saw someone the other day with death on their hand!) what are they thinking!?