Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I see foamcore in my sleep...Or lack thereof.

Mmm...I just finished my second foamcore-shape prototype. And I feel like my eyes are about to pop out of my head from staring at 2-D blankness.

I actually took pictures! This is after my first sleepless night--FOAMCORE CITY MANS. AFter that, Chris told us to imagine an object (preferably hand-held) that we could turn our shapes into. I visualized a...
HAIR DRYER (less-sleep night). I know, I'm the most exciting person on earth. But I thought it was pretty cool at like 3 in the morning yesterday night. >,>;; This was the crappy one with the shitty shapes that I made. It was AUSAM. *dies of laughter*
And finally, my finished "model" in the front (crappy one hidden behind it). Remember when I was gloating on the phone that we didn't have to do orthos? Well, yeah. Of course, I opened my fat mouth, and consequently, we had to do them. I'm just magical. I think we might actually have to make the thing that we chose out of foamcore as a look-alike next. Buddah, save me. I swear, this is why they made wallace 2-floors, so we can't jump and kill ourselves; But then of course, sticking a bunch of tired, pissed off students in a room with a bunch of exacto knives doesn't really help either...

Because I can't sleep, I browsed online, and at the urge of many fanfic blogs, read the latest chapter of Naruto (manga) despite missing the last hundred. XD

It. Was. WORTH IT. A PIVITOL MOMENT. NO B.S. THIS TIME KISHIMOTO. I don't know if it's just me, but his drawing has totally fallen into disrepair. It's quite tragic reading and feeling jipped compared to his earlier work (I CHECKED, it wasn't just my idoltry of him, because I still totally worship him). But, regardless, it was still a moment I've been waiting for; I'm just going to follow this particular part and then quit again. Haha.

Other things I did today...I finished the design history poster (a really crappy poster; we have a set format where pictures are all crammed on one side and text on the other; numbered, in a column--FUGLY). I was lucky enough to be in a group with a bunch of cool guys, which meant that I got to research the awesome breech-loading rifle (sarcasm; no offense meant). It was actually pretty sweet to learn about some of the history of guns though; even though I would much rather die by other means.

Augh, this was so rambly. I blame lack of sleeps mans. I'm now going to float away on the Rufus Wainwright boat of dreams and hope that I can get up in time for class.


Sarah A said...

i left a nice long comment, but the internet ate it.

so. in that regard, here is an abbreviated one:

i don't think you rambled too much, its nice to know what's going on. i should go into more detail on mine, but there's still some nagging notion that i keep a semi-professional blog.

oh and on a more random note, after falling in front of a car on my bicycle the other day, i seem to have loosened the seat. anyhoo, due to good fortune i have found that if you tilt the seat downward, your undies are less likely to crawl up into certain regions.

sujen said...

I now officially hate the intardnets.
I'm really glad you're alright after falling--it's always been my worst fear to fall in front of a car. Sadly, I haven't touched my bike for a really long time for fear of crazy students (especially where Wallace happens to be located, it's a rather scary location). You've gotta show me how this bike seat thing works though, because some things just aren't cool when it comes to underwear.

I really did start this blog with the intention of being somewhat professional; and flailed beautifully, I must say. Not that I mind...I think this has become more of a place where I can just loosen up and be myself more than maintain professionality. I think that each of our blogs suits our personalities in a way--haha. I really like the semi-daily updates that you're doing though; they're really fun to read! I hope that I can keep up like that.

Sarah A said...

when i say fell in front of a car, it is more for the sake of dramatics and attention. in reality, the car was parked and the driver patiently waiting for me to get up off the sidewalk so he could continue on his way.

maybe your seat won't do it. the best i can say is to loosen the screws and push the skinny (front) part of the seat down a little. it may not even appear to be much, but it makes a difference.