Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Almost New Year's

Man, it's felt like forever since I've been online (which is rather sad considering I've only missed out for two days or so.) This past week was killer; in the past 72 hours, I have gotten a grand total of four hours of sleep. Who to thank? Industrial design, and insomnia after the fact. I stayed up with two other classmates "partying all night" at the Wallace building working on projects due on Friday. We get a break from the foamcore (finally) for this weekend; but we have another project final due on Monday.

I decided today that I needed a GRAND break from Wallace and homework; so I spent the day with my family in Atlanta, shopping for Chinese New Year's coming up. Traffic was absolutely fierce. But it was all worth it for the small spoils I got. (Quick snapshots; excuse the t-square..LOL)
Everyone knows POCKY, right? The familiar and beloved red-and-white, alice brand which is copied by many Korean imitations such as Pepero by Lotte...

Well, we can all count on the chinese to FLAIL at making imitations and making them their own. Welcome to the world of....CHOCKY. I have found it personally hilarious; the giant-sized box of pocky was 15 dollars, whearas the equally giant Chocky was 3.89. There was a small compromise in chocolate quality; but heck, for ten dollars cheaper, it was so worth it. The chocky stick is relatively 2-3 times bigger than it's real cousin pocky (12 inches, just about). Huge.

But what really made me love this day were these Pocky boxes, which I had to get for the simple novelty of it.

Yeah. Feast your eyes. Klimt and Monet are on this beautifully styled Pocky box. What more could a girl ask for? They also had in stock Manet and Van Gogh; also, each box has a side panel that tells about the artist and the work. I wanted to catch them all. XD

The bunny package is actually my sister's which I accidentally stole from her; the Engrish inscription was too cute for me not to love it. It reads: A Rabbit called Dafune Rabbit. HOW RABBIT FEELS? It actually reminded me of Miss Piaf/Emo bunny. T______T I also got some looseleaf Jasmine tea for a friend--yummy stuff.

So now, I'm going to try to battle my insomnia. But before I do, I totally fell in LOVE with this couch by moooi. The design is brilliantly simple, but so gorgeous. When I get rich, I want it. The video shows the fantastic thought put into it. Thier catalogue is also filled with beautiful things that I want in my dream home.

Way too freakin' awesome.


Sarah A said...

wow are we trying to turn this into a designer's blog now?

and the couch, would never set foot in my home. unless it was reupholstered first. that pattern is already on the verge of going out of style. the form though is nice.

i've called you multiple times over the last couple of days but i just give up now.

sujen said...

Nooo--not by a long shot! LOL. I just saw this picture of this couch by some random core77 link, and I was like OHMIGOD.

But, you obviously didn't watch the video! The couch comes with a huge selection of covers, which can easily be removed (velcro attachments, I think?)/dry cleaned. And if you don't like any of the covers, you can pick fabric and let moooi turn it into a cover for you. So patterns always suit you, and can be easily updated for whatever's in fashion.

I'm sure it's not the most original idea out there--but I liked the versatility of it. :'D
I hope I'll see you on AIM today!

happyapathy said...

haha gosh those pocky look delicious my kind of menu i may have to steal them hehe..... i didn't know they had giant pocky!! well yeah i posted one sketch for my emerson studio well just for now i may take it down later just in case. and yeah good job on the foam core and the pens they're awesome!!

Stephen said...

I have totally had those pocky chocolate stick things before! I can't even remember where, but they were awesome.