Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Ah, so we had some lanterns to make for class. These had to be collapsible, and fit and a 9"x12" envelope. We actually had to mail them to our teacher today. Sadly, my first attempts burned down because I was careless and left them burning without attending to them--LOL. Leave it up to Christine, right? But I'm pretty satisfied with my second attempt. I chose to present the 3rd one due to craftsmanship and design issues, but I think that my personal favorite was the first one. There was a story on each side of the lantern; and it was a cute one to just make.

There's not much to say about life at this point. Projects pile up, and there's work to do. I hang out with friends once in a while and family often. My sister's birthday was this previous Friday, and I made her watch Garden State and The History Boys. In watching these again, I found some profound things that I had forgotten, or had not connected to previously. Watching those movies made me feel awake for just a little bit; like there was something I could really feel connected to. And so, I had to "pass them on", even if it was just some insignificant DVD. When I hang out with Matt, we play Rock Band, which is awesome fun (DONNA! WHEN YOU COME DOWN WE MUST PLAY)...it has expanded my horizons in music significantly. I've grown to love Garbage, and like the Pixies, and slowly admire Metallica even if I couldn't listen to their music repeatedly. I think it's these little things that make life feel like there is some kind of learning, some kind of exchange going on. I'm eternally grateful to Matt for putting up with my different moods, and no matter what, he faces them all with a kind of friendly comedy, but detached indifference that always makes me smile or laugh regardless of the situation.

Haha, I realized that I always sound so dreary on here, but truly, I am not so drab. But I feel secure because I can tell you guys everything I that I can't confide in, whether it be in my life in class or whatnot. If I did try it in word of mouth, I would probably be blubbering some incoherent mess. So, to go with my drabness on here, I have these two old men; doodles from design history. We're watching interviews in the class, really old DVD's that are horrendous in quality. These guys both worked under the prestigious(I personally think overrated to some extent) Raymond Lowey.

I can't believe I'm going to SCAD next week, and that I'm going to be out of Auburn for a week and a half. That's the longest time I've been out of Auburn since...I don't know when. I don't even have a feeling about it right now; all I can see is the work looming ahead of me for this next week and a half. I can't wait until it's all over.

Oh, BTW, our comic "BATTLE OF THE BANDS" (affectionately called BoB) made it into the FINALS for TOKYOPOP's Rising Stars of Manga!!! I'll definitely be posting the link to it when voting begins. PLEASE VOTE when the time comes! BoB FTW!!


AppleJelly said...

there really should be more people like Matt!haha.. anyways, I'm glad your out of Alabama for now..you need to get some funk in your system. that lantern reminds me of "Obon" in Japan. they send these lanterns that are on bamboo ships(which symbolizes our ancestors) we send them back to the ocean when Obon is over. It's a pretty sight..

happyapathy said...

the first lantern is too cute ^-^ love the character! gosh i need to burn you the pixies i have loads of them as you know me the music guru lol j/k well have fun in scad for me and great job on the rising star! and kick some ass in the comic well manga world lol :)